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2008 bmw k1200gt recommended oil

Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: 07 KGT oil filter. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Do I use only BMW filters? Year says you're in the wrong place. Its got a wedge motor. Any decent filter that is a cross match to the part number will work fine but IIRC the bike uses a very short filter that isn't likely to be found at a car parts place unlike filters for boxer motors.

Be aware there are extra steps changing oil on a wedge motor- it not just drain and fill. Aside from annoying compared an R model removal of panels you also need to drain and refill oil tank, not just the motor.

He uses a vacuum extractor on the tank though slow gravity drain is possible. Moving this over to Wedges. I just finished changing the oil on my KR Sport this weekend.

2008 bmw k1200gt recommended oil

There are four places to spill oil on this bike and I hit them all Some notes from my oil change. It is important to note I was distracted by cleaning up one of my oil spills. I made a mess with that as well. I agree on your oil change, I prefer to do most of my own service.

Maintenance intervals / Service for BMW K1200RS & K1200GT

The oil change went very well for me thanks U Tube just two small spills. I am amazed at how much better the clutch works with fresh oil. NOT for bike related questions. All times are GMT.

The time now is PM. All rights reserved.I am planning to change oil in my RRT and will use Synthetic and don't plan to change the filter this time, it was changed at the last oil change, miles ago. In my manual it suggests that 20W50 is the preferred oil, but says that 5W50, high quality, synthetic is an acceptable alternative, I plan to use Castrol synthetic 5W Any comments or thoughts on my plan?

Why wouldn't you change the filter? I don't know about the 5W viscosity I personally would stick with 20W during the hot summer monthsbut leaving the old filter in there is not a good idea. Changing it is quick, easy, and cheap - especially if you use an aftermarket one. Otherwise, you are going to leave behind some dirty oil in at least a partially clogged filter. Hey Ken, thanks for answering the question for me.

BMW Transmission & Differential Oil

I don't know, just turn it until it's tight enough! The multigrade oil will work fine in high heat. The 50 part of the 20W50 is the part that counts if the motor gets very warm, which is why I do not think the 5W50 is a bad idea. Number made up,but likely not far off. Thanks to all who have responded, I appreciate your input. I can't help but think that the oil filter would not be effective, or clogged, even partially, after miles. Another part of my decision not to change the filter is based on the fact that I know of no after market filters for my bike and the distance to my BMW dealer and the cost of the original part.

I have gone with my original plan and will let you know of any problems. Distance to your dealer, its 63km away.

Don't buy this motorcycle unless you want to hate every other motorcycle - BMW K1300GT

The recomended change interval is mile or km, if you are planning to double up you intervals with the synthetic oil, you should still change the filter at 10k km.

Until then you cannot place an order for it since the order process requires it to be in stock to place an order I know this is sully but trust me I have tried to use logic on the system but it fails There are numerous on line sources for a replacement BMW filter that will come right to your door. In my opinion, keeping an old filter on an expensive bike for financial reasons is money poorly saved.

Good luck with it though. I'm not going to say much about filters, not because I don't know a little, I was the Senior Test Engineer at Purolator in Fayetteville, NC for several years; but because everyone has an opinion and I don't want to debate.

All filters are not created equal, not by a long shot. With all I read about extending oil filter change intervals, let's look at how a filter can accomplish this. There are only 2 ways to make an extended life filter. Fords "Long Life" filters were a perfect example of this. They allowed everything smaller than microns to remain in suspension.If you have ever researched engine oil and gave up because of the never-ending debates, acronyms, and unsubstantiated claims, hopefully this page will 'click' for you.

What we want to do is educate our customers and other enthusiasts who might have a casual understanding of engine oil and want to learn more. From our racing programs, project cars, service work, and our own personal experience we have accumulated deep understanding of what oil should be and what it isn't.

Engine Oil for BMW K1200RS & K1200GT

We're not oil chemists or engineers and not part of the API an oil industry trade group so these are our impressions based on experience and research. Without a gauge wait until the coolant temp gauge is at normal center position.

With engine oil you absolutely get what you pay for - pay a little more and you get better oil. Avoid short trips where oil never reaches optimum temp and moisture doesn't burn off. Once up to temp, open the throttle s and give your engine the opportunity to recirculate oil. Click here if you just want to skip ahead to our BMW model oil recommendations. There are a lot of acronyms and unfamiliar terminology used in oil discussions. Refer to the chart at the bottom of the page for their meanings and importance.

Engine Oil for your BMW If you have ever researched engine oil and gave up because of the never-ending debates, acronyms, and unsubstantiated claims, hopefully this page will 'click' for you. Basic Oil Knowledge Engine oil has four functions: lubrication, protection, cooling, and cleaning. In other words: performance, longevity, durability, and emissions.

Engine internals are all metals: steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc. Metal-on-metal contact creates friction, which creates heat and wear on both surfaces. Oil is pumped or scattered around the engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, piston bottoms, and pumped up to the cylinder head to eliminate or reduce metal-on-metal contact.

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The best motor oils will coat the engine internals in a strong layer of lubrication and hold its strength even under extreme heat. The more heat and stress and a higher quality oil is required. That's the really basic stuff.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Synthetic Oil For Engine.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The easy answer is "yes". My own opinion, I kinda like the semi-synthetics better, like the oil BMW sells.

2008 bmw k1200gt recommended oil

The full synthetic is expensive enough that I really expect to get "something" for buying it, like double the life of the oil. The semi-synthetic, I expect maybe an extra miles out of that oil. I don't think the synthetic advantage is all that great. If you take care of a BMW reasonably well, it'll last a long long time, with or without synthetic oil. My dealer told me to wait until my KS had miles on it before running full synthetic in it.

2008 bmw k1200gt recommended oil

I have another to go. I run synthetic in my KRS, since I got it atand now have 26k. I change oil every miles, figuring the synthetic oil should be able to handle that. Living in central PA, we don't get severe weather, and I don't ride in parades, so my oil temps.

Originally Posted by LLeiper I just check my oil consumption. When it is near nothing, I go ahead with the synthetic. For these new KSes, that was at miles. I have a K with 7, miles on it. I travel 2. My question is, What do you guys recommend I use in my bike? Thanks, Rvs. Randy, you have been using the centerstand, right? The longitudinal K bike "brick" engines will smoke heavily under certain circumstances if left on the side stand, so you might have a easy fix.

Paul or Don, was this fixed by the time the came out?Quick Links. Rider's Manual. Table of Contents. Page 5 Bulbs Page Page 7: General Instructions General instructions Overview Page 8: Overview All maintenance assembled complete equipment on the motorcycle.

This record of item of information. Because of this, with equipment not described your motorcycle may differ ABS Anti-lock brake system in this Rider's Manual, you will Page General Views General views General view, left side. General view, right side. Underneath the seat Handlebar fitting, left. Page General View, Right Side General view, right side Filler neck, fuel Adjustable handlebars Brake-fluid reservoir, front Adjuster for headlight beam throw underneath the instrument cluster Stowage compartment Vehicle identification number Page Handlebar Fitting, Right Handlebar fitting, right Pushbutton, on-board computer Emergency off switch kill switch Pushbutton, starter Grip heating switch Pushbutton, right flashing turn indicators 62Pushbutton, hazard warning flashers Cancel button, flashing turn indicators 63Pushbutton, cancel hazard warning flashers Front-seat heating switch Page 23 Status indicators Multifunction display Warning and telltale lights.

ABS warning light Telltale light, cruise control. Page Warnings, General gree of instability at the rear wheel and has intervened to reduce torque. The warning light flashes for one second longer than ASC intervention lasts.

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This affords the rider visual feedback on control in- tervention even after the crit- ical situation has been dealt with.Picture credits - BMW. Submit more pictures. Discuss this bike Rate this motorbike This bike's rating Write a review Sell this motorcycle Such bikes for sale Insurance quotes Finance options Tip a friend List related bikes. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive property of the respective owners. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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More pictures For some motorcyclists, long distances and dynamic performance go together like innovation and quality when they have a passion for a supreme touring experience. Compare with any other motorbike. Displacement :. Compression :. Bore x stroke :. Valves per cylinder:.

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Front suspension :. Rear suspension :. Wheelbase :. Compare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers. Compare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers.By Softtail, June 20, in K Bikes. At least I think I traded up. I love the power and the way the bike handles and have been very impressed untill I started to do some basic maintenance. I started with an oil change at miles, got out the manual and absolutely no mention of an oil change.

The manual that comes with the bike is a piece of shit. I have been tring to obtain the service CD, but I am not even sure you can get one for an Big Twin in Boise ID is trying to get something for me, but so far no luck.

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Anyone know if the CD for the bikes is available yet? Would the service manual for a work? It is pretty easy to drain the oil, etc. Once you get the manual it will all be clear. Hard part is checking and adjusting the valves and changing spark plugs.

Satguy is correct, the brakes are the only difference from 07 on. There may be BNG type changes, but nothing significant, at least that you'll notice.

Big Twin should be able to confirm if the CD manual is the same. You're gonna love the GT. Also www. If you were used to doing all of your own maintenance on the RT, well You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Ignore this topic.

Recommended Posts. Posted June 20, Share this post Link to post. Yes, all the new KGTs are the same with the exception of the brake systems. Good Luck! Posted June 21, Lots of good info out on the web.

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